PHA Offers Remote Services During Quarantine

In accordance with Governor Wolf’s telework mandate, PHA therapists will be offering telehealth sessions only from November 26, 2020, through at least January 4th, 2021. This requires all clients to be aware of our telehealth policies and sign/return a consent for such services. Please email all questions to your specific therapist. Your therapist will notify you directly when he or she returns to in-office sessions.

Psychological Health Affiliates (PHA) offers a full range of therapy services to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. We have been a primary resources for churches, pediatricians, family practices, hospitals and schools for over three decades.

Our practice takes seriously the health concerns that are prevalent in this state of national emergency, owing to concerns about the coronavirus. As a practice, PHA remains open and will continue to offer a full range of counseling and therapy services to the community. For more information about who we are and our philosophy of care, click HERE to go to our home page.

Our offices in Manheim, Hershey and West Shore are accepting new referrals.

For the time being, all of our services are being offered primarily remotely, by video chat. The medical community and insurance companies call this “telehealth.”

Our telehealth services are offered over a convenient, comfortable and confidential platform that is fully HIPAA-compliant. Clients can receive therapy in the convenience of their own homes, over their desktops, laptops, even cell phones.

In most instances, not only are teletherapy services covered by insurance, but some insurers are temporarily waiving copays and deductibles, meaning that for many, services will be available for a limited time at no cost! 

If you do plan to submit to insurance, it is necessary that you contact your insurance company (use the number on the back of your insurance card) to ask if your plan “includes telehealth services as a covered benefit.”

Before receiving telehealth services, it is required that you read, sign and return our consent for virtual behavioral health services, available here. You may email or fax the completed consent form to our office (email to; fax to 717-256-0599).

For more information on “video chat sessions” provided by our therapists, go to this page.

To schedule an appointment, just contact our office.

To schedule an appointment, simply contact our office, either by phone (717-665-2675, leave a message with our answering service) or by email (use the “Contact Me” box to the right, in the sidebar). Either Karen or Jess will call you back within 24 for hours, and usually within the same day. They’ll be able to tell you about our services, help you find a clinician who’ll work well with you, help you understand your insurance coverage, and take care of scheduling.