Cancellations, Late Cancellations, and Unkept Appointments

When an appointment has been scheduled, you will be expected to keep that appointment unless you let your therapist know ahead of time that you are unable to attend. We have many clients who are wanting to be seen and are waiting to be contacted as we are notified of cancellations. We will gladly do that for you as well. As a courtesy to our clients, we ask that you give advanced notice of any appointments that you need to cancel, so that we have sufficient time to contact people to let them know of an opening. Should you need to cancel or reschedule; our policy requires that you contact our office by phone (717) 665-2675 no later than 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid a charge for the appointment.  Late cancellation and no-show fees are as follows: $125 for a psychologist or licensed professional counselor and $90 for a pre-licensed therapist. For more information, please see our Psychological Services Agreement included as part of your online forms or you may request a copy. Please be aware insurance companies do not reimburse for charges due to late cancellations or missed appointments. It is easy to switch from an in-person session to a telehealth session, for your convenience, too!

If your missed appointment or late cancellation is due to an emergency or circumstances beyond your control, such as severely inclement weather, we would certainly understand and you would not be charged. Please let us know.