What are Telehealth Services?

Conducting therapy by means of videoconferencing is known as “virtual behavioral health” (VBH), or “telehealth.” Most therapists use or Zoom. You’ll receive a link that will be used for each telehealth session. Telehealth is used at the discretion and request of the therapist and/or the client due to illness, weather concerns, or urgent issues that prevent meeting in the office yet when a session is still indicated. Some therapists have specific weekdays reserved ONLY for telehealth. This is a convenience, flexible alternative to an in-person session OR can be the only way that a therapist and client ever work together. It is not lawful for a PHA clinician to provide telehealth services if you are not physically located within the state of Pennsylvania during the time of your session. By law, you must be in Pennsylvania at the time of your video chat session.

VBH Instructions

Instructions for is our preferred app for telehealth sessions. Click on the link provided by your therapist or office staff. Enter your first name and last initial. You will enter your therapist’s virtual waiting room; the appointment will begin when he or she clicks you into the virtual room. Further instructions to aid with quality connection will be provided.