About PHA

What is PHA?

Psychological Health Affiliates (PHA) is an organization of psychologists and therapists who are devoted to helping people resolve psychological problems through a variety of services. These services include brief and long term psychotherapy, marital and family therapy, group therapy, psychological evaluations and various other services (for more information on services, click HERE). PHA staff are committed Christians professionally trained to offer help to people with psychological, emotional, relational, behavioral, and other problems of daily living.

It is our goal for our professional staff to provide the best possible psychological services within the areas of their expertise and to reflect the value system of the Christian faith. We endeavor to continuously improve our professional skills as well as encourage one another in the work that we do. It is our desire to be sure that communication is clear between ourselves as colleagues as well as with our clients.

In addition, we believe that if we are to be effective in the work that we do, we need to be willing – when appropriate – to coordinate care and extend clear, articulate communication to other caregivers and professionals in the community, which would include psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, pastors, family physicians, as well as those working in public and private school sectors.

Why ask for help?

Psychological problems are manifest in a variety of ways. Some problems are merely irritating, others are overwhelming. Such problems may cause difficulty in relationships, interfere with one’s ability to function on the job or at school, or decrease one’s overall sense of well-being and ability to successfully complete daily tasks. For more information what psychotherapy is and how it can be helpful, click HERE.


PHA therapists are committed to the overall health and growth of each person we serve. With your permission, ongoing contact will be established with family physicians, pediatricians, pastors, teachers, or other mentors or health professionals involved in your life. This commitment to the whole person includes an integrated approach when dealing with psychological and spiritual concerns. A client’s faith commitment is valued, and spiritual leaders important in a client’s life will be contacted at the client’s request.

For more information on our philosophy of coordination care, please click HERE.