Church Consultation and Partnerships

Evolving out of a private practice established in 1986, a group of psychologists has formed Psychological Health Affiliates (PHA). PHA staff consists of individuals who are committed Christians and desire to assist pastors and church elders in their caring ministry for their people.

PHA staff are professionally trained to deal with individual, family and relational problems. Often Christians have difficulty integrating their faith with their personal experiences, especially those experiences that have been traumatic and confusing. The difficulties often are not resolved quickly and reflect intergenerational problems as well. Consequently there is considerable pain and fear to process and resolve them.

We would like to be a part of this healing process as professional psychologists either directly or as part of an educational process. We are available to provide a variety of services, including free and informal consultation to pastors and ministers in the community. Pastors call upon us regularly with questions and concerns about how to handle shepherding or counseling situations with individuals in their congregations, and oftentimes for consultation about church staffing or leadership concerns.

Our staff receives frequent requests from churches, schools, and local gatherings to provide information and presentations to benefit their congregations or communities.

PHA is also eager to be a resource for pastors who are struggling themselves with burnout or emotional, marital or family issues. Whether those services involve consultation or direct care to pastors, the highest standards of privacy are maintained.

In addition, PHA can be a resource for churches when it comes to volunteer or staff trainings, handling of crisis situations, public speaking for annual meetings, consultation to youth group or small group leaders, etc. For a list of typical presentations that have been done in recent years, please click HERE.

PHA welcomes “partnering” with churches and church leaders in our community. That partnership includes not only our clinicians being a resource to churches in the work they do, but also churches being a resource for us in the work we do with our clients! That is to say that we often find that we can enhance our effectiveness with our clients by inviting pastors, spiritual mentors, and small group leaders to periodically join us for sessions. Also, we often refer people that we work with to local churches when it is clear that they do not have connections or relationships in their communities that are necessary for their growth and progress. We are committed to a holistic approach to care that looks at balance in a person’s life, and often find our clients are open to or seeking spiritual guidance but do not know where to turn. Our partnership with a good number of churches in our communities is an invaluable resource to PHA and to the clients we serve.