Coordination of Care

You will be pleased to know that it is one of the core values of our practice to maximize our effectiveness as clinicians by coordinating our efforts with other professionals in the community when it is in your best interests to do so. That would be determined jointly by you and your therapist. If you and the therapist you are working with believe it would be beneficial to coordinate care with another professional (e.g., pastor, family physician, previous counselor), be assured that every effort would be made to disclose only such information as would be germane to your care.

Here at PHA, we believe that we can have a greater impact on your life and be more effective at helping you attain your personal goals by welcoming you to involve people in your treatment that are important to you. We welcome you to invite your pastor, or close friends, supports and mentors to periodically accompany you to your sessions. We have found that this can lead to greater continuity of care and greater consistency in our clients’ lives. In addition, the insights and perspectives of those people can be helpful for your therapist. Also, it can be helpful to them as they try to be helpful to you. Give it some thought! In might augment what you get out of your sessions in ways that you wouldn’t expect. Discuss it with your therapist if you are interested.

PHA has stringent guidelines governing how and when information is communicated with other professionals or individuals in your life. As clinicians, we take very seriously the importance of privacy in our working relationships with the clients we serve. For more information, please refer to our policies on confidentiality, and also our policies specifically pertaining to confidentiality with children.