Emergency Contact Information

In the event of an emergency situation (that is, where someone’s physical safety is in danger, or where there is possible need for hospitalization), you are advised to go directly to the emergency room or contact Crisis Intervention in your county (see below). Crisis Intervention is equipped and ready to assist you in such situations.

PHA does have an on call clinician available 24/7 for clients who are being seen in our practice. This service is for emergency use only and will be billed as a regular clinical service (minimum $35 charge), so please do not use it for nonemergency purposes. The on-call clinician can be reached by calling our main number (717-665-2675) and letting our support staff (or answering service in off-hours) know that it is an emergency.

Again, if it is a situation where someone’s safety is an imminent concern, either go directly to the ER of your local hospital, or contact crisis intervention.

Contact information for Crisis Intervention follows:

  • Dauphin County Crisis Intervention: 232-7511
  • Lancaster County Crisis Intervention: 394-2631
  • Lebanon County Crisis Intervention: 274-3363
  • York County Crisis Intervention: 800-673-2496
  • Berks County Crisis Intervention: 610-236-0530
  • Chester County Crisis Intervention: 610-918-2100