“Feedback is Everything”

One of our core values as a practice is that “feedback is everything.” We believe that we can best grow as professionals, and improve the quality of our services, by getting candid feedback from our clients about the services you have received. We are sincere in our interest for your honest input regarding the quality of services you have received.

We believe that we win either way:

If there are things you felt positively about, we want to hear it! What are the things that were most appreciated? The most helpful? We want to know about those things, because it is encouraging, and we will want to build on that input and continue those things in the future.

If there are things that did not feel good, or were not helpful, or could be improved upon, please let us know. You have our every assurance that we go to a good place with that input. It allows us once again to reevaluate and improve upon the quality of work we provide. It will also likely be of benefit to other clients in the future.

Please feel free to give feedback by sending a general email to Dr. Blackbird directly (our Clinical Director), or click HERE to download a feedback form which you may save to your computer, complete (it’s in Word format), and email to Dr. Blackbird.

Website Feedback

Yes, we welcome any feedback you might have about our website as well. Whether it is letting us know about any broken links, or problems with navigation, misspellings, or suggestions for improvement, please send us an email to let us know!